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We all heard about the science of getting rich and other formulas for success. We read about them, we followed motivational speeches, we even took courses, but still, most of us fail to achieve the success we desire. Why?

There are invisible forces inside and outside of us, that play a crucial role in the creation of our daily reality. As these forces are invisible, it is not easy, if impossible, to describe them. And even though these invisible forces are so present in our lives, we don’t always know what activated them and why, but we do see the results of their doing, and the effect they have on our lives. So, unless we are able to see how they are being activated and why, we won’t be able to master them and steer our lives with confidence, in the direction we want to go or create the outcome we desire. You are the Driver of Your Life, can show you how.

In this book, I use many of my life stories to illustrate the correlation between the causes – the work of the invisible forces, and the outcomes in your daily life, so you can start leveraging their power to your advantage and win the game of life.

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